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  We provide advanced solutions

At Polishine we do custom work and total solutions in metal. We specialize in advanced polishing work together with great solutions for the customer. We design, manufacture, develop prototypes, specialty works, as well as smaller jobs for individuals. Our goal is to deliver all the work with high quality and high precision.

Our solutions


Electropolishing means that it is virtually sterile, which has led to the widespread use of technology in the areas of high hygiene requirements such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In difficult areas, the process can be controlled so that polishing can be achieved.


Mirror finishes are highly reflective and created by continuing the progression of finer abrasives and adding in a polishing compound.

Different machines for different places.

Services with our partners



PVD offers extreme coating hardness and protection against wear due to cleaning processes.

 Extrusion tool.

PVD reduces tool, production and maintenance costs, making them the perfect coating for plastic pressing and rubber machining.


We solve the customers' need for robotic welding of complicated sheet, profile and pipe structures. We also work with manual welding depending on needs and what is most cost-effective.

12-axis welding robot cell with pulse MIG for carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

The robot lifts, picks, welds, an efficient and economical solution where no hand lifts anything.


Spray painting on unique products.

Spray painting gives a nice finish on smooth surfaces.

Advanced spray painting with special colors.

Electropolishing is easily obtained on hard-to-reach surface areas

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